Western Expansionism: The Success of Sephora, The Missteps of Marks & Spencer


For many Western brands, especially those of the retail orientation, China represents a potential gold mine. However, more often than not, companies opt for expansion strategies that are not adequately tailored to the local Chinese market. The result? In the quest to win over the cash-rich and consumption-hungry Chinese shopper, the foreign entity often ends up spending more than they gain. For instance, Britain’s massive e-tailer ASOS closed its China operations this year at the hefty price tag of 10 million pounds. So, the question remains, what makes or breaks a Western brand’s success in China?

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Single’s Day 2016: Smashing Records Once Again


“Shopping has become entertainment,” Alibaba Chief Executive officer said during the star-studded gala leading up to this year’s biggest retail event, Single’s Day. The ever-growing Chinese shopping festival, also known as 11/11, shattered records again this year, coming in at a total GMV tally of $17.8 billion (RMD 120.7 billion).

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Hong Kong, China skyline from Victoria Peak.

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