International Branding

Extensive research and tailored recommendations based on the competitive landscape and unique brand value

Social Media Marketing

WeChat, Weibo, Youku/Tudou QQZone & Douban content strategy & KOL activation strategy in China; Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Snapchat content strategy & influencer activation strategy in the U.S.

Partner Management

dvice and best practices on local partner management, communication facilitation, risk minimization and local compliance, recommended operational flow between U.S.-China entities, strategies for building trust and ensuring transparency

Localization Consultation

Comprehensive U.S. & China localization recommendations and business model strategic positioning based on current market trends to optimize localized customer experience and revenue generation

Market Entry Strategy

Proven market entry product development timelines and launch plans, recommended operational flow, translation services, key milestones & stakeholder establishment

Research & Data Analysis

Thorough China & U.S-based research complete with historical data, current landscape and future projections; Extensive data analysis using advanced financial models and the most up-to-date statistical insights